MEDICAID HELP LINE – Hot Topics and Best Practices

Gary responds to many of today’s hot topics and issues related to Medicaid.  Separate fact from fiction when it comes to Medicaid planning, costs, enrollment and eligibility.  The most frequently asked questions about Medicaid, the top myths and misconceptions about Medicaid, Gary discusses below. 

Estate Planning vs. Medicaid Planning

Medicaid and the Middle Class

Medicaid Application Process

In-Home Care Services

Medicaid for Married Couples

What’s in The Medicaid Book

Difference between Medicare and Medicaid

Medicaid Planning and Your Home

Medicaid Spend Down

Medicaid and the 5 year look back

Medicaid Planning for Married Couples

Medicaid Planning and Gifting

Top 2 Mistakes in the Medicaid Application Process

Planning/Preparing for Medicaid

When to start Planning for Medicaid

#1 Myth in Medicaid Eligibility

Myth: Medicaid will take my Home

The Power of Attorney Legal Document

About my book, “Medicaid in Indiana”

Medicaid also covers In Home Services

Medicaid Planning and Gifting

The #1 Medicaid Misconception

The Medicaid Gifting Myth

Income Limitations for Medicaid

The 5 year Look Back

Gary on Channel 14 WFIE (NBC-affiliate) “Midday with Mike” on March 22, 2017

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Part 2

Gary on WEHT (ABC-affiliate) “Local Lifestyles” on March 29, 2017

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