Medicaid rules can be extremely complex
and confusing. Without proper planning and legal advice,
many people spend much more than they 
should on long term care
and jeopardize their future care and well
being as well as the security of their family.

Elder Law Attorney

When you are faced with having to make important 
decisions regarding your assets, conventional or
complex estate planning or need assistance with
probate or an estate administration 
Attorney Gary Price has the experience 
to assist you with your needs.

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Gary K. Price – Elder Law Attorney

Estate planning isn’t just for the elderly. First time parents need to provide for the care and financial well-being of their children, middle aged individuals can begin to protect their retirement assets from creditors, and all adults can benefit from a will and a durable power of attorney.

When faced with having to make important decisions regarding your assets, conventional or complex estate planning, or probate and estate administration, attorney Gary Price has the experience to assist you with your needs.
Gary assists seniors and their families in making the tough decisions regarding long-term care planning, including Medicaid eligibility options.
Gary will counsel you on your individual needs in order to devise a secure estate plan for all your financial, health, and business interests. He is dedicated to providing an estate plan that will protect your financial interests and rights, today and in the future.

Gary will assist you with the following: 
Estate Planning:

Gary’s practice customizes estate plans for individuals, families and business owners. Gary will work with you to meet your intentions. Plans may include, without limitation to, wills, trusts, medical and financial powers of attorney and living wills.

Medicaid and Long Term Care:

Consulting with Gary Price early will help preserve assets in the event placement in a skilled nursing facility becomes necessary. However, even without the benefit of advance planning, Gary can still help preserve your assets and help you avoid very costly mistakes. He advises you regarding the most appropriate long term living arrangements for your situation and utilizes legal techniques and instruments which protect and preserve your assets.

Probate & Estate Administration:

Gary assists personal representatives, heirs, and relatives throughout the probate and administrative process. He will assist with court filings, real estate transactions, and the distribution of assets.

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